Note from

the Founder

Serving as gate keeper for our communities for over 30 years mostly, in Houston, Texas, Talent Yield Coalition Inc. has been in the trenches with at-risk-youth, felons, veterans, the homeless and seniors. We will never claim that we know all the answers to addressing the various ill's which confront the disenfranchised within our communities, but we contend that our compassion to help others is an attribute to our longevity and our commitment to a generation, not a specific demographics. This has enabled us to view our communities from a broader prospective than many organizations who have fixed missions and are limited to a specific sector or demographic.

Our efforts have evolved around pilot programs which are solution oriented and have been very successful. However, as you follow a generation as we have it's difficult to find someone to accept the responsibility of capitalizing on these programs and maximizing their effectiveness without funds and other agendas. The trail started with At-Risk their families and peers...then to Felons… a group which many youths became, and many of their families were/are… next came the Unemployed…. which was the next hurdle that this generation faced, leading back to criminal behavior (survival mode) as they use as a justification.

While on this journey we found that many veterans fell into this same demographic or an alternative state of homelessness.

At this juncture of the Journey we've discerned that across the board there exist a common need for all disenfranchised, at risk and/or in a state of instability; is that of where I find help and the development of a Plan of Action. Getting them from At-risk to Stabile enables the individual becoming a productive contributor to their community and society. Therefore, we at Talent Yield Coalition Inc. "Birthed" The Marcelous-Williams Resource Center in unincorporated Highlands, Texas where demographically under the shadows of one of the largest industrial complexes in the nation (Oil Refineries) that homelessness, substance abuse and other ill' of society are abundant. The Marcelous-Williams Resource Center is yet another pilot program which with its design is based on "Hand Holding" accompanied with a "Plan of Action". With our research, experiences and previous projects this approach today is the most effective means of assisting our communities of healing itself.

Operating on a shoestring budget with 100% volunteer support, we are proud of our accomplishments on one hand but more concerned about the increasing number of individuals who are "Falling through the Cracks" of this "Broken System" and the unwilling commitment of agencies, corporations and individuals to collaborate on addressing the ills of our nation and communities.

From the top we continuously throw monies into agencies and programs which only provide a band aid and/or temporary solution to problems. We contend as we back up and access the plight of our people that we should consider taking a good look at those of us who have been in the trenches for decades; accessing, evaluating and implementing programs. Those who “Know What Works and Why."

811 N Main Highlands, Texas 77562 | Phone: 855-449-1472